Polymaster Vastly superior to traditional urea-formaldehyde foams, PolyMaster foamed-in-place products have a decades-long track record of proven success. PolyMaster foam products are consistently the superior performers in every critical category, and in virtually every application. Non-toxic, odor-free, with no CFC’s. Installing cleanly and quickly, without disrupting other site work. Absolutely unique in the world marketplace.

PolyMaster foamed-in-place insulation is very competitive, especially when you look at the total cost of the insulation job. It installs more quickly than board products, and there is no trimming or waste.

PolyMaster foam contains no CFCs. It uses air as a blowing agent instead of any other gas, so there is no thermal drift. It is inert, and will ultimately degrade into a powder if not installed in an insulation cavity. PolyMaster foam is used to seal abandoned storage tanks and mineshafts, and it has even been used as a daily cover for landfills. In some applications, the dry foam may be mixed with recycled water creating a “green” product. PolyMaster’s dry foam produces no adverse environmental effects.

Consider a polymaster wall w/Fi Foil or Pink Board. They will work together for a higher R value in your walls.