Rigid Board

Rigid Board Rigid foams have the highest insulating values of any conventional foam insulation commercially available today. It contains literally hundreds of millions of densely packed air cells. Since air is nature’s most effective insulator, the sheer volume of this compressed trapped air gives it exceptional thermal performance.

Installing Rigid Board will upgrade the thermal resistance of exterior frame walls. This combined with fiberglass, can be applied on the inside of exterior block walls with furring applied over top of board. This process will deliver a superior R rating. It readily withstands pressures of heavy loads; resists common acid soils and decay. It suits a variety of exterior finishes including masonry veneer; wood, aluminum, steel and vinyl sidings; wood and mineral shingles and reinforced stucco.

Rigid Board has excellent resistance to moisture penetration, even after exposure to wet soil, water leakage, etc. The product’s built-in rigidity means it can be scored and snapped, cut, or sawed with common tools. Sagging and settling are never a problem. We also offer insulating sheathing, which is manufactured with extra toughness for new construction applications.